Friday, April 19, 2013

Browser Javascript consoles

Below are screenshots of five Javascript consoles for
  • Chrome (Javascript Console)
  • Safari (Web Inspector)
  • Opera (Dragonfly)
  • Firefox (Firebug plugin)
  • IE (F12 developer tools)
I prefer Chrome because of the drop down function auto-complete menu. But each browser console has benefits. Safari needs you to enable the 'Develop' menu from the advanced part of preferences. Firefox needs  the Firebug plugin installation. Ctrl-Shift-I should get the Dragonfly and Develop Tools from Opera and Chrome respectively. IE has a similar console accessed by F12 keystroke . Please see the second screenshot below.

If you are on Windows, Notepad++  has source formatting for Javascript and the ability to run your html based code in open browser windows. There are some JS add-ins available. More full featured IDE ("Integrated Development Environments") include Eclipse and Aptana Studio; but I will save that discussion for another post. Click to enlarge these images.

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