Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Numerical Sorting with the Bash Shell

This post will  explain the use of the sort utility while in the Bash shell.  The Sort utility can be used with output or on a text file. Open up an X11 terminal and make sure you are at a Bash shell prompt (type 'bash'). Use the man command to look at the following commands:

sort : Cygwin, Linux, BSD and MAC
seq : Cygwin or Linux only
shuf : Cygwin or Linux oly
jot : BSD or MAC only
awk : Cygwin, Linux, BSD and MAC

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sorting Algorithms and All That Jazz (Part I)

Above: visual sorting algorithms with sound. Beneath: Brian Morgans from WWU brought us sorting in Java Script for this weeks Computer Club!
Thanks to Brian Morgans for bringing us not only a Bubble Sorting lesson but a brief JavaScript lesson!  To pursue his exercises please download a capable text editor like TextMate or Notepad++. Alternatively, you can simply use Xed or Visual Studio.  An excellent first step in understanding sorting might be to run 'info sort' or 'man sort' from your X11 prompt.