Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sorting Algorithms and All That Jazz (Part I)

Above: visual sorting algorithms with sound. Beneath: Brian Morgans from WWU brought us sorting in Java Script for this weeks Computer Club!
Thanks to Brian Morgans for bringing us not only a Bubble Sorting lesson but a brief JavaScript lesson!  To pursue his exercises please download a capable text editor like TextMate or Notepad++. Alternatively, you can simply use Xed or Visual Studio.  An excellent first step in understanding sorting might be to run 'info sort' or 'man sort' from your X11 prompt.

Some excellent Wikipedia links on Sorting and Algorithms:
Sorting Algorithm Good Overview!
BSDSort from the Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

Visual Demonstration of Sorting Algorithms on Youtube
Source Code for "The Sound of Sorting"

Algorithm In depth Wikipedia background piece.
The Algorithm Design Manual Chapter Four on Sorting and Searching

Stack Overflow on generating random numbers from the Bash Shell.

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