Tuesday, April 22, 2014

High Tech Summer Camps

This is a page on High Tech Summer Camps for Bellingham.  I will add to this as I find more information. These are not online courses. WWU summer camp is the best local bet. UW links are below. There are other opportunities in Seattle. Camps are filling up fast. Here are some links:

WWU Summer Camps

https://admin.wwu.edu/pls/wwis/wwsktime.ListClass :
CSCI 101
Study of computers, computer systems, and computer applications. Computer hardware and software fundamentals. Networking, telecommunications, and the Internet. Hands-on experience with a variety of standard computer applications. Computer-related social and ethical issues. Lab.
CSCI 103
An introduction to computer game development for students with no programming background. Students use game development software to develop games of varying complexity, including graphics and sound, and extend to more complex games through the use of scripts.
CSCI 172
This course provides an introduction to robotics for students with no programming background. Lego Mindstorms Team Challenge Set is used to build the robots. Students will learn to construct, control and program these robots. Students will gain first-hand experience in quantitative and symbolic reasoning through the course of learning.

UW Summer Camps

http://camps.cs.washington.edu/ :

Physical Computing
This four-day, co-ed camp will expose high schoolers to the basic concepts of computing and programming through activities centered around physical computing using the .NET Gadgeteer platform. Students will learn to think computationally and solve problems using the skills and tools necessary for success in the field of computer science.
In this four-day camp, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of programming by developing simple video games using the Scratch platform. Students will learn to think critically about both the technical and non-technical aspects of game design, including the impact playing games can have on the player. Students will also learn about existing games and their design and implementation challenges, particularly games designed for education, social impact, or other purposes beyond simple entertainment. This camp is intended for students with no prior programming experience.

Alternate opportunities from  http://camps.cs.washington.edu/ :

We recognize that our camps do not meet everyone's needs. Here are alternate summer opportunities for K-12 students in the Puget Sound interested in computing:

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